Main Street Acoustic Guitars

Main Street acoustic guitars are the perfect instruments for anybody who doesn’t have the biggest budget but still wants to purchase a high quality guitar. Whether you’re a beginning players or a professional looking for a new addition to your collection, Main Street offers a cheap acoustic guitar to fit everybody’s needs. No matter which model you chose, you are sure to be amazed with the quality you receive for the price you give up. The well crafted body produces a tone that you would expect to find with cheap acoustic guitars many times its price and remember, nobody beats the prices at!

Available models:
Because there is so little information on Main Street models i searched the internet and found these acoustic guitar models available.

Main Street Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Most of these have steel strings but there are 3 available with D'Addorio strings.

Main Street Dreadnought Size:
- with American flag print (model: maaf)
- with Rebel/Confederate flag print (model: marf)
- with Texas flag print (model: matxf)
- with Mexican flag print (model: mamf)
- with Checkerboard print (model: macb3d)
- with Flaming print (model: mafl)
- with Camo print (model: mscamo)
- with Hemp Leaf print (model: ?)
Available in different colors:
- black (model: ma241bk)
- transparant blue (model: ma241tbl)
- natural finish (model: ma241)
- metallic white (model: mamw)
- transparant red (model: ma241trd)
- tobacco sunburst (model: ma241tsb)
Cutaway model and color:
- natural finish (model: ma241cn)
D'Addario Strings and color::
- natural finish (model: ?)
- transparant red (model: ma241trd)
- transparant blue (model: ma241tbl)