10 Questions That Beginning Guitarists Want to Know


  1. What kind of guitar should I choose?It’s just about what kind of music do you want to make. Classical guitar’s strings are made of nylon that won’t hurt your fingers. So it’s suitable for beginners but that doesn’t mean you should buy a classical guitar at first. If you want to play acoustic songs you should buy an acoustic or acoustic/electric. If you want to play rock or jazz then you will need an electric guitar.

  2. I bought my guitar. Where should I start?It may look a very simple question but not very simple for a beginner who doesn’t know anything about what to do. There are several ways to learn the guitar. Firstly you need to make a choice if you want to learn guitar on your own or take lesson from a teacher. Internet is a big resource that you can find lots of materials that you need. In the past there were only written things like chords, tabs, etc. But now there are a lot of video lessons. There are some sites which offer to teach guitar online, in order to get paid.

  3. How long does it take to learn the guitar?It’s a progress so it will take your time. But it’s about how much time do you spend for practice. The more you practice, the more you improve in less time. It’s that simple.

  4. Is playing guitar hard to learn?I can’t say it’s very easy or you can learn it easily. Of course it has some difficulties. You need to practice a lot, you need patience as it takes time to learn. After for a while you will notice that you improve your skills and that will encourage you to gain yourself and learn more about guitar.

  5. Should I take course / lesson?Your aim is important at this point. You can learn to play guitar on your own as there are a lot of resources. However, sometimes you can get stuck. If you want to play guitar to enjoy yourself or with friends you should learn on your own or ask for help from a friend. But if you want to be a professional you exactly need to take lesson from a teacher.

  6. When will I be able to play a song?First you need to learn basic chords. You need to know at least three basic chords to play a song. After you have learned three chords you will be able play a lot of basic songs. While you continue to learn more chords you will be able to play much more songs.

  7. Although I have been practicing for a while I still can’t play barre chords. Why?Learning to play barre chords needs time. You need to spend energy, spend your time on it. Don’t demoralize yourself, it will be ok in time.

  8. I started to learn guitar but I can’t make progress. Why?This is about time and practice. You need more time and practice. Nobody can be a good guitar player in a short time. While you keep working you will be better in time. Don’t give up playing. It's more fun to practice together, so find someone who's musical and join you on your musical learning quest.

  9. What are scales and what are they for?Guitar scales are tool to learn patterns in any key on fretboard used for improving guitar solos. When you learn different scale patterns in all keys you will be able to play better guitar solos. This way you won’t need to memorize all notes, will know just the patterns within the scale types.

  10. Do I need to learn notes on guitar?No. But that would be good. Instead of notes, mostly you will learn guitar scales by starting on the root note. If you learn them very well all you need to know the scale patterns and you can play in any key. The good thing is you don’t need to know all notes.