Who else would like to learn how to play the guitar and be a rock and roll star? That thought has had to cross the minds of thousands of young boys and girls across the land at one time or another. Learning to play an instrument can be one of the most enjoyable pastimes that a person can have and if you are good enough at your art playing the guitar can be a lifelong and fulfilling career. If you are interested in learning how to play guitar then the first thing on your list is to find a good tutor of a good music school that has accomplished guitar tutors and start taking beginners guitar lessons. As a young teenager I took guitar lessons and even though learning to play guitar can be challenging it is very rewarding when you put all of your hard work together learning scales and cords then finally learning to read music and playing a song makes it all worthwhile.

Guitarists Influences

Being a youngster there is always that one musician or band that peaks your interest so much that you say you want to learn how to play just like your favorite musician. For me that was listening to the fab four rock band from England in their hay day The Beatles. Listening to Paul and John and the fantastic music that they created over the years had me totally hooked on how to play the guitar. Later on in my musical journey I learned to appreciate such guitar musicians as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and Eddie Van Halen In the Rock genre.  Blues Guitarists that have caught my fancy are BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Some Jazz Guitar favorites are George Benson and Wes Montgomery. Country music has developed a new following over the past recent years but it’s hard pressed to find anyone better than my favorite Country guitarists Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

Choose The Guitar Style Made Just For You

Choosing to play the guitar no matter how good or great you are is the one thing that produces the sound and unique music that is totally you is the type of guitar you choose to play. Whether you enjoy the soft mellow sounds of an Acoustic Guitar or you are a hard rocker who enjoys how to pump up the volume and get down and dirty playing electric guitar. Guitaristschoice.com has a wide variety of top Quality Guitars and the brand names you have grown to trust. Les Paul, Gibson and Fender are just among a few of the brand names available for the beginner or seasoned guitar enthusiast or professional. If you enjoy what this site is all about feel free to bookmark our website for future reference. Who knows, you just may find the guitar that was made just for you.